Pengarah : Ahmad Afiq bin Ahmad Maulud
Timbalan Pengarah 1 : Amir Syafiq bin Alias
Timbalan Pengarah 2 : Mohammad Fayyadh Helmy Bin Mohd Lokman
Timbalan Pengarah 3 : Najihah binti Ramly
Setiausaha Agung : Wan A’tirah Mahyudin
Setiausaha Kerja : Hasnin Naajihah binti Nazemi
Bendahari : Mohd Azizi bin Istakal


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  1. ahmad afiq says:

    make it as creative as you can,,because somehow,,we want the atrraction from the blogis superb!! what eva it is,,,thankz so much 4 the effort,,n hope i will see the miracle from this blog,,,thumbs up guys!!!!

  2. Mane button follow ye ?

  3. Owh yea… I think better U make this web more interactive + with simple tips such as tips about shopping, knowing the halal food, medicine product or anything else like tips for study, how to get easy money… and many more that related with our objective here and related to our faculty… though its simple I thing its quite interesting… yup…isn’t Ikmal said that he want to make ‘rentas kerja perjalanan iCEPs’ better off to include that work on this web too…since it will make others people who see it knowing our progress…that’s all… Hoping this long and uninterested coomment like this will helping U… InsyaAllah… 🙂

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